Friday, July 12, 2013

OMD 31 Day Challenge Day 10 and 11: Metallic and Stripes

Hello! Sorry for the lateness. (I seem to always start my posts like this.... maybe I should get on top of things!) Yesterday was busy and I didnt have time edit and post these. So for day 10 and 11 the themes were to do metallic nails and stripes. I combined the two to make it easier. 

For day 10 I did a simple swatch of China Glaze's Platinum Silver with 2 coats. You can't tell in this picture but this polish shows all the brush strokes! It is super annoying but with top coat you can't tell as much. The formula was good and didn't take much effort!

For day 11 I just took a fan brush dipped it in some black paint and went over my nails. This looked better in my head but it was worth a try! So that is it! Hopefully my day 12 nails will be up tonight! Thank you for reading and see ya next time! -Zoe

*All products used were purchase by me!*

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